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Medical Alert

Medical Alert

Home Security

Safety & Security

Aging In Pace Safely

You worked hard for many years to create a place that's home, always imagining living out your golden years there. But, as we all age new challenges arise making that dream more difficult to maintain. It could come from health concerns, decreased mobility, or more general concerns about safety and security at home. Meet those challenges head on and maintain your independence with a home assistance system from EZ-Integration.


Improve Your Home's Comfort

How Will a Smart Home Assistance System Help Me?

Many of the concerns about a person's ability to stay in their home are based on new medical conditions, safety risks from things around the home which weren't a concern in the past, or security to protect against external threats. A Smart Home Assistance System can help reduce or eliminate a wide range of these challenges by increasing safety and security around your home, and providing enhanced awareness to you and your loved ones.

  • Audible Reminders to help remind you when to take medications.

  • Automated Lighting to turn on lights when it gets dark.

  • Pathway Lighting so you never walk into a dark room or hallway.

  • Door Answering with audio and video so you know who's at your door without openening it.

  • Door Access to securely let love ones and care givers in and keep others out.

  • Medical Alert to ensure help is sent when you need it.

  • Security to alert you to potential break-ins.

  • Text and Email Alerts to quickly notify your loved ones of potential problems and concerns.


Independence and Peace of Mind

You want to maintain your independence and your family wants peace of mind. Get both with a Smart Home Assistance System.

Imagine your house coming to life, anticipating when you need lighting and when you don't, keeping the temperature in the house comfortable all year round, protecting you when you're home and your property when you're away. Are you feeling safer already?


Access and Control From Anywhere

It gets better because your system can also remind you when to take your medications, notify paramedics and your family if you have medical alert, and let you see and talk with who's at your door without opening it.

Now picture it all being controlled by one system that makes it as easy as 1-2-3. That's the power of a Smart Home Assistance System from EZ-Integration.



Access and Control from Anywhere

Forget to turn off the coffee maker? Turn it off. Did you close the garage door? Check and close it if it's still open. Or just want to make a change to your system? If you have access to a PC or mobile device connected to the Internet, you can. It's all possible with a system from EZ-Integration.

Energy Controls


Improve the safety of your home with automation. We have the products and knowledge to help you stay in your home.

  • Interior & Exterior Lighting
  • Door Locks
  • Garage Doors
  • Heating and Cooling (HVAC)
  • Irrigation / Sprinkler Systems
  • Security
  • Surveillance

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Door Access Controls

Door Access/Locks

Door access is the safest, most secure way to provide access to your home for loved ones and care givers. Key fobs and swipe cards are superior solutions to keys which can easily be copied.

Plus you can select on the days and hours during which each person can enter. If they come outside of those times, the system won't let them in.

In the event one is lost or stolen, you can quickly disable their access in your Smart Home Assistance System. You can't get more secure!