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See Your Home in a whole new light
See Your Home in a whole new light
See Your Home in a whole new light

Why Add Lighting Controls?

  • Save Energy and Money
  • Improved Safety
  • Better Security
  • Added Convenience
  • Eliminate Hassels
  • Stop Lights From Being Left On
  • Improved Home and Lifestyle
  • Added Value to Your Home
  • Automate Re-occuring Sequences

Freedom From Everyday Hassels

You're a slave to your home. Every day you turn lights on and off all throughout your home. In any room you enter and leave it's a never ending process of on and off. Think of all the lights and other devices that includes, or should I say ons and offs. It even varies by the time of day as well. It takes you continous vigilance to manage all of those switches and make sure they are all in their proper state.

Regardless it could be a lot better. Let EZ-Integration show you the path to freedom

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Protect your home better by automating some of the lighting inside and outside of your home. Never worry about turning on or off your outside lighting again!

With lighting controls from EZ-Integration you can stop worring about when to turn on the lighting around your home; our system will do the work for you. Lights can be set to turn and off at specific times, or relative to sunset and sunrise each day. Your home will be less attractive to criminals and you won't have to lift a finger

Added Convenience and Much More

Added Convenience and Much More

Automate lights to come on based on room lighting levels, time of day, or even motion. And even if you forgot to turn on that light or dim it, you don't have to get up. With our friendly mobile applications and easy to use remote controls, it's just a finger press away.

So consider reducing your costs, improving your safety, security and lifestyle in your home with lighting controls from EZ-Integration.

What can be Controlled?

What can be Controlled?

  • Lights & Lamps
  • Copiers, Computers
  • Coffee Pots & Appliances
  • TVs, Game Consoles
  • Gates, Pumps, Motors
  • Pools. Saunas
  • Washer, Dryer
  • and many more devices
Automated Controls Save Money

Automated Controls Save

  • Dust-to-Dawn Exterior Lights
  • Building & Landscape Lights
  • Irrigation Systems & Water Effects
  • Interior Lights
  • Interior Appliances & Electronics
  • HVAC & Air Handler Systems
  • Cameras, Recorders, Security Systems
  • Locks and other items