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ESP Concept: A team of Tradespeople focused on energy efficiency

Posted by ezintegr on November 30, 2009 at 3:23 PM

It takes a team to solve energy efficiency problems. And the team members must be focused on energy efficiency so they have the products, knowledge, experience and interest to offer energy efficient products and services. Most tradespeople working today were trained to install products in the most cost effective way without consideration for long-term operating costs. But energy efficiency is all about long-term operating costs. So, if you and your tradesperson are just focused on his bill, you'll miss the big picture. The cheapest approach today may be the most costly in the long run.

And your electrician probably isn't an HVAC or computer networking expert. But technology advances are integrating building systems together to act as one system. And they offer remote access and control which requires some IT networking expertise. So, if you're thinking that it must be a challenge to find a team of tradespeople who are all focused on energy efficiency and are versed in the very latest technology and are willing to work together on a shared project; you're not alone. Energy Smart Partners is just that team. They are bringing together all of the team members needed to really approach energy efficiency holistically. LEED Architects, HVAC experts, plumbing contractors, electrical contractors and IT networking gurus are all working together to create integrated solutions.

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